Why We Love Subway Tiles in Sydney Australia

Why We Love Subway Tiles in Sydney Australia

You may be struggling to find the actual reasons why people stick to subway tiles kitchen over several years. More importantly, the particular category of tiles has a rich and unique history that dates as far back as the early 20th century. On the other hand, these subway tiles were selected as the wall covering the New York City metropolitan subway station. Moreover, since then, the tiles have gradually become a high-capacity material that designers can hardly deal with. 

Not only are subway tiles highly useful in residential properties, but more corporate outfits have also discovered ways to optimize the use of subway tiles. Subway tiles have also become a widespread material in interior decorations for several good reasons, some present in this article. In other words, the Subway tiles are exceptional for several reasons we shall begin to discuss below.

Why We Love Subway Tiles in Sydney Australia

10 Exceptional Attributes of Subway Tiles (Why We Love them!)

Urban Meets Country

Dear reader, anywhere you see subway tiles today, believe it merges an ancient artistic design with a contemporary world. No method of subway tile that we see today is an exception to that rule. The reason is simple; these tiles have been around for over 100 years. Yet, the origin dates back to the beginning of urbanization. Therefore, it combines the simple look and versatile structure with a farmhouse style of mud bricklaying. Then, in a country kitchen, white tiles enable the designer to give the room a modern look with a fresh feel of whatever rustic touches need to give way.  

Crisp and Clean

Depending on what material finish the subway tiles have, they are usually crisp and clean to behold. Your subway tiles can become a practical choice for the kitchen because they are easy to clean. Remember that the kitchen already has enough items to clean; you cannot afford to add the walls to it. Little wonder, many wise designers choose to use subway tiles to create a backsplash behind the stove. You will indeed have an easier time wiping off spills and splatters with subway tiles on the wall. And if you want to enhance the beauty and uniqueness, you may add darker sprouts to give a contrast and hide stains and spots. 

Brilliant Color Hues

Subway Tiles are also characteristic of bright colours when laid on the wall of the kitchen and bathrooms. There may be direct or indirect daylight flowing into the place, but the reflective surfaces of subway tiles are still intact. Therefore, when choosing subway tiles today, look beyond an array of white or off-white colours. Today’s colour options can go as far as an array of colours like the rainbow to help you realize your dreams. Moreover, designers have found that the non-traditional herringbone pattern in blur colour can delightful accent in a contemporary kitchen.

Hiding surfaces in Plain Sight

Do you know that as focal as subway tiles may be to draw attention, it can also help you do the direct opposite – hideaway surfaces? Therefore, when you design your tiles in an unassuming appearance for older and traditional ways, you can hide them away rather than show them off. In the kitchen, a typical choice is a crisp tile that can make an awkward design on the rest of the kitchen wall.

Stunning Statement 

In another way, subway tiles are elegant and straightforward when laid traditionally with an understated background. However, the herringbone pattern that comes with a decorative border can create a unique focal accent. It can also further enhance the range of options with the kitchen, but the overall wish remains intact. Click here to read about Modern Basin Taps for your Home in Australia.

Why We Love Subway Tiles in Sydney Australia

Modern History

Apart from the rich history of the subway tiles that go as far back as 1904, the modern subway tiles have also stayed here. Moreover, the simplicity and the consistent improvement and creativity with this type of tiles makes it consistently relevant. In addition, the clean lines of a well-laid subway tiles material add a unique flavour. Meanwhile, the grey tile raises the already modern aesthetic show of glamour that the tiles bring. 

Mixed Media

Subway tiles devices can also be exact and straightforward for those who know what to do with them. However, it also gives the designer some freedom to complement them with other materials to maximize space or actualize dream models. Moreover, when you have a backsplash in the bathroom, you may want to add some layers of marble or granite to the surface. This practical purpose is essential for some other parts taking centre stage. 

Complete Tiling

There are countless ways of applying subway tiles in today’s interior decorations. Whether as part of a kitchen backsplash or as proof of the beauty, these items are exquisite. You may add subway tiles to the shower surface in the bathroom, behind the kitchen or bathroom sink, or somewhere around the bathtub. The most important matter with the subway tile is that they give your room a cohesive finish at all times. 

Brick Bathroom

I love to laugh when people associate the subway tiles with the brick surfaces. As much as we may want to deny it, no other material is suitable as a subway tile as the ceramic or brick mortar. It may be that the most common subway tile you have encountered is the plain white colour. Nevertheless, the beauty of these tiles go beyond just one primary colour, and it transits into multiple designs that can break traditional. Moreover, the bathroom tiles should be closer to the natural stores that are available around us. Also, maintaining the simple look of the subway tiles creates a reminisce of whitewashed brick.

Great Glass

The oldest subway tiles contain ceramic or porcelain. But the newer ones come in more contemporary materials such as glass, onyx, and precious gems. For instance, the glass surface for subway tiles gives it an ultra-modern look and a great polished surface. At the same time, a dark blue glass coloured subway tile in the laundries can make a bold statement for your tile collection. 

Why We Love Subway Tiles in Sydney Australia


On a final note, above are the top ten reasons we love subway tiles and why we always engage them. Moreover, there are other reasons that time and space may not afford us to discuss, such as

  • covered ceiling
  • timeless tile
  • style on a budget
  • reaching new heights

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